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Meet the Maker

Established, designed and manufactured in the 'Steel City' - Sheffield, our brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the hard-working lifestyle.


Bone Shaker was founded in 2019 by Beekeeper, Louise Hurst, who wanted to create a distinctive health care range that championed both style and nourishment. The blend of ingredients took months of research, tests and development, carefully chosen for their benefits and regenerative properties.  

Each product is handmade, in house,  in small batches with 100% natural ingredients. By creating quality, hand crafted products with 'all-natural' ingredients, I can ensure my balms are suitable to repair and rejuvenate all skin types.

We all work hard at Bone Shaker; however, I don’t think anyone could match the honey bee...... Did you know If bees were paid the minimum wage, each jar of honey would cost £142,000!!! 

We Believe in Saving the Bees!!! 

My Story

From an early age I've known that one day I would have my own business, I just didn't know what that would look like.  


Seventeen years and a great deal of thought later, I hang out with bees for a living!


It's funny how things pan out, who would have thought that spending my weekends from 12 years old, living the drag racing lifestyle,  trackside at Shakespeare Raceway and Santa Pod would be the influence that would help shape my future.


Well they were!  One drag racer, above all others inspired me and to whom I formally credit here, for being interested and listening to hours of incessant brainstorming and also for the best advice and unwavering encouragement.


Sadly, Roger Butterworth, left us on his final journey before I started the business, but I did exactly as he advised, I found something I loved doing and stuck with it, and Roger would've loved the bees.  

So that's the 'why'...... the 'how' is that I attended an 8 week college course in beekeeping, and after one class I was hooked! I planned on having 2 hives in my garden and by the 8th class my plans turned to becoming a commercial bee farmer with my own Apiary ......... and here we are, several years on, expanding on using the beeswax I produce in my high quality balms!